Capturing all the Key Moments of your Wedding Day

We love photographing weddings! It's an emotional environment when all your preparations come together on the day. The little looks and glances between you mean far more than words ever could. We love capturing all those key moments: on your father's arm walking up the aisle, the first time the groom sees you in your dress, your first kiss...  All of this moments mark a new part of your relationship together. As you look back on those images in years to come, the feelings will resurface and you will have a complete set of wonderful photographs and memories of your wedding day, which you will treasure forever.


To ensure we capture all of the key moments of your day, we have a little set of rules to work to:


Rule 1 - Make the Bride look good

It is perfectly normal to feel a little nervous about how you will look in your wedding dress and in your photographs. We work with you right from your pre wedding shoot to build up your confidence and demonstrate just how good you will look in your photographs.

Early in your wedding day, using our experience of portraiture and light we will show you an image on the back of the camera so you can see the beautiful bride we are capturing. In the evening when your highlights slide show is shown on the TV, imagine how you will feel to have such wonderful bridal photographs on display. The happiness and appreciation in your eyes is one of the highlights of our day and what makes our job so worthwhile. 


Rule 2 - Have a Laugh with the Groom

Most men look great in suits and formal wear once they relax and don't feel under pressure to pose formally. We have found one of the best ways to achieve this is to encourage some natural male bonding between the groom and his grooms men in the form of joking, a bit of banter and just plain taking the mickey. Everyone becomes more relaxed, with natural rather than forced smiles. Movement is also a great tool used in typical Reservoir Dogs style images - far more enjoyable for the men and the resulting photographs are more natural than ones taken in fixed poses.


Rule 3 - Capture the Details of the Day

You will have put many hours of work on the little details of the day, which can pass almost unnoticed by a casual observer. In some cases the challenge may have been finding just the right shade from a supplier, in others it might have been hand crafting a set of decorations yourself or with friends. These items such as orders of service, favours, cake decorations & toppers, place cards, flowers or table decorations are all part of your wedding celebrations and we take great care in capturing photographs of these little details for you to keep in your treasured photographs.


Rule 4 - Be Discreet when capturing Key Moments

On your wedding day you will be the centre of attention (like it or not!) and in key moments such as the ceremony and in particular during your vows, it is a very private moment and you will not want to be distracted by a noisy photographer getting in the way, moving around and drawing attention to themselves. We like to be several metres away, shooting with a long lens and a very quiet or silent camera to avoid being a distraction and interrupting these special moments between you.

Our view is that it is your day and we are there to be discreet, polite and professional, to capture the moments while making you look fabulous. Many vicars and registrars have horror stories of 'prima donna' photographers who think the day is all about them, or rude paparazzi types who will barge in for an unnecessary close up shot. We prefer to stay in the background and let our photography speak for itself.


Rule 5 - Get the Group Photographs done Quickly and Efficiently

You probably prefer to have mostly natural images of your wedding but do want to have a small number of group photographs of close family and friends to mark the occasion. We will work with you to produce a short and easy to manage list of group shots which we can work through quickly, typically within 30 minutes during the afternoon.

If there are ushers or family members around who can help us round up the people required for each group then that is a great help. Guests often think we are friends who are taking the photographs as we dress like wedding guests and have a light hearted and polite approach to getting the groups arranged.


Rule 6 - Two Photographers get all the best angles

One photograph which is always required is the "everyone shot" - all the guests at the wedding. This usually means Adam leaning out of a first floor window or climbing up a fire escape to achieve a little bit more height and get a photograph like the first one below. The other image was taken by the second photographer from a lower level with a telephoto lens and these more natural images are always popular. The same principle works during most of the group photographs where the second photographer will capture a more close up image from a different angle at the same time as traditional front and centre photograph.


Rule 7 - Capture natural images which people love

Almost everyone prefers natural images of themselves where they are not putting on a forced grin at the camera. We will spend most of your day looking for opportunities to capture natural photographs of you and your guests. Again you benefit from having two photographers as guests will often notice Adam with his height and when he looks away they will relax, forgetting that the second photographer may have a long lens pointed in their direction. Their natural expressions combined with the flattering effect of a telephone lens makes for memorable images.


Rule 8 - Shoot Show-stopping Romantic Images

We know great locations for getting fabulous photographs for you at many of the best wedding venues in the area. However you probably don't want to leave your guests for the couple of hours some photographers would spend taking these, so we work quickly and efficiently to get a set of fantastic images for you in a space of 10-15 minutes. This can fit in perfectly with your guests finding their seats for the wedding breakfast so you need not miss out on any of the excitement of your wedding day and you still have fantastic, memorable photographs to treasure.


Rule 9 - Speeches are Great for Natural Reactions

Our simple aim during the speeches is to capture some natural photographs of each person giving a speech but also to get some great reaction shots from guests around the room using long lenses, especially from those people on the top table. If we can get a great photograph of the groom with his head in his hands during the best man's speech then that's worth extra bonus points!


Rule 10 - Stay For the Dancing and the party

The evening reception often begins with your cake cutting, closely followed by your first dance so we are able to get great photographs of both events before the party kicks off in a big way.  You may choose to perform a choreographed first dance routine a la 'Strictly' but most clients prefer a more informal slow dance, rotating slowly on the dance floor, perhaps with a twirl thrown in. With nice lighting and a bit of black and white processing, these images look fantastic and will again be treasured memories of your day.

We do stay after your first dance to capture the party atmosphere, to take photographs of your parents dancing and everyone starting to let their hair down. If there's is a band then we can grab some action shots of their performance before bidding you a fond farewell as you enjoy the rest of your evening.


Every wedding we photograph is unique and we look forward to hearing about your plans for your day. Please call us on 01276 683712 now or contact us to arrange your free, no obligation appointment. You can see if we might be the right photographers to capture your wedding day and create some wonderful memories for you.