Natural Wedding Photography

We love photographing weddings! The little looks and glances between you mean far more than words ever could. We love capturing all those key moments: on your father's arm walking up the aisle, the first time the groom sees you in your dress, your first kiss...  All of this moments mark a new part of your relationship together. As you look back on those images in years to come, the feelings will resurface and you will have a complete set of wonderful photographs and memories of your wedding day, which you will treasure forever.

Bride's father seeing the bride for the first time
Bride and Groom making their vows

For most of the day, we work as a team of two photographers taking completely natural, un-posed photographs of events as and when they occur. People’s expressions are completely relaxed and natural as they often don’t realise they are being photographed and this allows us to capture the real personalities and emotions of the day.

While loving the natural photographs, most of our clients also want to have a few posed group photos of close family and friends. We will work with you to put together a short list of groups, perhaps taking half and hour in the afternoon to record those key people who were with you on the day. We will also take a group shot of everyone so that nobody misses out on being part of the day.

Wedding Party Group Photograph
Everyone wedding group photo

A lot of time and effort goes into the details of the day, the dresses and flowers, signs and decorations, little gifts and collections, etc. We will capture images of all these items, to ensure you have a complete record of exactly how things were on your wedding day.

Wedding rings in their box
Groomens' coloured socks

It wouldn’t be a wedding without some romantic images of the two of you, looking fabulous together on your wedding day. Rather than spending hours on dozens of posed images which take you away from the party and your guests, we prefer to spend 10-15 minutes with you just capturing the essence of you and your wedding venue. This can be in the early evening sunshine or at sunset with spectacular skies, we will find the best time, and the best light to create some stunning fine art images for you to treasure from your wedding day.

Bride & Groom in evening sunshine
Bride and Groom at sunset

Our unique blend of natural documentary style photography together with family portraiture, an eye for the details and a set of fine art, spectacular images gives you a perfect set of images to treasure forever from your wedding day. We haven’t even mentioned capturing the personality of the speeches, the delicacy of your first dance and the party atmosphere afterwards, but these will all be photographed with our artistic eye for wonderful imagery for you to treasure forever.