Wes & Isabelle's wedding at a castle near Stockholm, Sweden

The phone rang in the studio: “You photographed my friend’s wedding recently at The Elvetham and we just love the pictures. We’re getting married at a castle near Stockholm in August. Would you like to come and photograph it for us?”

The answer was obviously “Yes - of course”. How could you resist an invitation like that?

So arrangements were made by phone and email and Mo and I travelled over to Stockholm on a Friday afternoon to photograph the Welcome Drinks Party on the Friday night, the outdoor wedding ceremony and reception on Saturday and then flew back on the Sunday afternoon. A fantastic weekend with some lovely people, and some party animals and a huge set of wonderful wedding photographs for Isabelle & Wes to treasure.

A few weeks after the wedding we received this wonderful testimonial from Wes which we’re happy to share with you here:

After hearing rave reviews from a friend, we decided to approach Adam and Mo to photograph our wedding in Stockholm, Sweden. The process from start to finish was seamless, slightly surprising given the amount of logistics involved (booking of flights, hotels, the fact that we needed them to arrive on the Friday, etc). Every step of the way Adam answered our questions promptly and thoughtfully, which we especially appreciated as we planned the wedding from abroad.

On the day of the wedding itself, Adam and Mo were absolutely brilliant to have around. Their easy-going style instantly made us feel at-ease, and this is reflected in the fantastic photos they took. They are genuinely kind and caring chaps, and were a pleasure to have around (sentiment which was echoed by our guests) – poor Mo basically became a surrogate uncle to the ushers, helping them with everything from correcting their ties to the appropriate button-hole placement! Having two photographers ensured nothing was missed, and we especially enjoyed the different angled photos that having two photographers allowed. Prior to the wedding we sent Adam and Mo an example of a photo we really liked and hoped to capture for ourselves; they did this perfectly and it became our photo of the day.

After the wedding our photos were received promptly online and in a personalised tin (which was a lovely touch), and we were absolutely thrilled with the results – the photos captured the entire day perfectly. The value for money for the service we received was brilliant, especially given we had two photographers!

Adam and Mo, thank you so much for taking photos that we will treasure for a long time.

Wes & Isabelle

Gemma & David's wedding photography at Danesfield House

Gemma & David had a traditional church wedding at St Mary the Virgin, Hambledon & and then a fantastic reception party at Danesfield House near Henley. An excellent day with a very photogenic couple where we made the most of the grounds of the hotel, the views down overlooking the Thames and the first dance complete with dry-ice clouds! It was a pleasure to provide wedding photography at Danesfield House, we look forward to returning soon,

Tash & Sam's outdoor wedding at Easthampstead Park

Tash & Sam picked a great venue and a really hot day for their outdoor wedding at Easthampstead Park near Wokingham. The collection of classic cars at the front of the building provided entertainment for their friends. Wedding photography at Easthampstead Park is always enhanced by the large stained glass window and the feature staircase which always makes for wonderful photographs. The icing on the cake was the chance to go out in the golden hour before sunset and capture some fantastic images of Tash & Sam in the wonderful early evening light.

Barbara & Jeremy's family wedding at The Elvetham, Hampshire

The Elvetham in Hartley Wintney is one of our favourite wedding venues. The house and grounds are wonderful with the avenue of trees providing a fantastic background to images of the bride and groom. The staff do an excellent job at looking after everyone in a professional and attentive manner while helping them to relax and make the most of their day.

Barbara and Jeremy and their families made the most of these excellent facilities on their wedding day. Many thanks to them for inviting us to share in their day and capture these photographs for them.

Carly & Amanda's wedding at New Place, Hampshire

Wedding photography at New Place is always great but same sex weddings are lots of fun as they present new challenges in familiar scenarios. Two sets of bridal prep shots, 2 x brides’ dresses, lots of bridesmaids, etc, but it all comes down to 2 people in love having a fantastic time with their families and friends.

Archana & Dan's wedding at the Cantley House Hotel, Wokingham

It’s been a while since we updated our blog with wedding highlights - mainly due to how busy we’ve been over the summer! Here are the highlights of Archana and Dan’s wedding photography at Cantley House Hotel, Wokingham earlier this summer.

It’s a gray day outside...

 ...but lovely and warm here at the Frimley Hall Hotel for their wedding fair today from 11am until 3:30pm. Come along and say hello and see the wide range of suppliers here to help for your wedding day.


It’s Wedding Fair Season Again...

And we’re back into the wedding fair season starting today at the Hilton Hotel in Bracknell. Drop by and say hello and you can see lots of fantastic wedding photographs, dresses, suits, wedding cars, and lots more! 


Our stand at the Bracknell Hilton wedding fair

Fiona & Matt's wedding photography at Wasing Park

Fiona & Matt were married last week in a wonderful ceremony at Wasing Park, Berkshire. Below is a short video of their wedding photography highlights showing the key moments of their day.

Special wedding offer from Highfield Park

If you would like to save money on an incredible wedding package at Highfield Park and get married there in May, June or July 2018 then this is the offer for you! Contact Megan, the wedding specialist at Highfield Park for more details.

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 13.25.05.JPEG

Tash & Matt's wedding at the Royal Berskhire Hotel

We had the pleasure of photographing Tash & Matt's wedding at the Royal Berkshire Hotel on Saturday 2nd December 2017. Tash was a bridesmaid at a friend's wedding which we photographed, and it's always nice to get recommendations from the family and friends of past clients, and great to catch up with people we have met before at previos weddings!

Capturing the Best of Your Evening Reception

We're often asked how long we stay for the evening reception and party. The answer is we don't put a fixed time on it as sometimes things run late and we don't want to miss your first dance or other key events. We usually stay for your first dance and a few minutes afterwards to capture the party atmosphere, sometime a bit longer if there is a rocking band and a full dance floor.

When there is something special going on in the evening then we can be persuaded to stay to capture that event, so we have photographed Chinese tea ceremonies, Lithuanian amber burning, sparklers and, of course, fireworks. Capturing you as a couple watching your firework display will create images you will treasure forever.


Kate & Graham's wedding photography at Rivervale Barn

Kate and Graham were married yesterday at the Church of St Michael and St Mary Magdalene, Easthampstead and held their reception at the wonderful Rivervale Barn near Yateley. It was a fantastic day with over a hundred guests enjoying their celebrations. The unusual colours of the bridesmaids' dresses and shoes made for some very colourful photographs.

Hollie & Ray's wedding celebrations in Frimley and the Meade Hall, Minley

Hollie & Ray were actually married in Italy but also had a celebration back in the UK for their family and friends who couldn't make the trip out for the actually wedding ceremony. They had a blessing at Our Lady Queen of Heaven Church in Frimley and their reception at the Meade Hall, the Crown and Cushion, Minley.

It was a very chilled and relaxed day with everyone enjoying the afternoon and evening party together.

When things go wrong... "Do you have a spare battery?"

I was doing a pre-wedding shoot with a couple a few weeks before their wedding. This is a great opportunity for them to get to know me better and for me to build up the relationship with them. This helps them to relax on their wedding day as they've seen how good they will look in their photographs and so have one less thing to worry about. I asked the bride if she had any questions for me.

"I hope you don't mind me asking, but do you have a spare battery for your camera?"

I smiled and opened up my camera bag to show I had 2 camera bodies, 3 lenses, a flashgun, a set of memory cards and a collection of spare batteries. This was only for the pre-wedding shoot, not the wedding day itself. "Why do you ask?" I said.

"A friend of mine got married recently and the photographer's battery ran out half way through the wedding. She only found out the next day". This raises so many questions - including was the photographer doing for the rest of the day - were they just miming???

The moral of this story - if you think it's expensive hiring a professional wedding photographer, try using an amateur! :-)


James & Sophie's East Clandon Wedding Party

James and Sophie were married in the ancient church of St Thomas of Canterbury in East Clandon followed by their reception in a marquee and a barn just down the road at Home Farm. A very chilled day where we managed to avoid the thunderstorms and party in the sunshine until the fireworks later in the evening.

Elita & Rob's Scottish/Lithuanian wedding at The Elvetham

We are often asked to photograph fireworks at the end of a wedding reception. This was the first time someone had mention the Lithuanian tradition of making wishes while throwing powered amber into a fire. How could we say no? It make it into a long day but a great one for everyone involved!

Things to ask a photographer when you meet them

Wedding photography is a funny thing to research and buy - most people only buy it once. People such as parents who might be able to offer sage advice on all sorts of things now find their advice on this topic is 30 years out of date!

Photographers don't make it easy as everyone has different offerings, packages and pricing which makes it very difficult to do a fair comparison between them.

Our advice is to look carefully at a photographers work either online, at a wedding fair or at their studio and see if you like their style and you can picture yourself appearing in that style of photograph.

Do you actually warm to and like the photographer? They will spend a lot of time close to you on the day and you don't want someone who is going to get on your nerves.

Other excellent questions to ask:

Is the photographer you meet actually going to be the person who turns up at your wedding?

Will there be just the one photographer, one photographer with an assistant, or two experienced photographers present to photograph your wedding?

When will they arrive and when will they leave? Is it a set number of hours? What happens if there's a problem at the venue and everything is delayed by 2 hours?

Have they photographed a wedding at your venue before? If not, how are they going to plan out the best locations for the photographs on the day?

Does the photographer carry spare equipment (camera bodies, lenses, flashes, batteries, memory cards, etc) in case of equipment failure on the day? 

Are they insured - not just equipment insurance but public liability insurance in case of an accident involving the venue or a guest?

Do they offer a pre-wedding / engagement shoot so you can see how they work prior to the wedding day?

How do they back up the images on the day and after the day to make sure none of your precious wedding memories are lost?

What exactly is covered in their packages? Do they include albums? 

Do their prices include VAT? If they are registered for VAT then it should be included in their prices. You don't want to agree to a £2,000 package and then get an invoice for £2,400!

What happens if they are ill on the day?

It's an important job interview - treat it as one

Before I became a full time photographer, I worked for a fast growing services company where I had to interview and hire a lot of people in a short time. One of the best pieces of advice I received as to always ask for examples of how someone had dealt with a situation. For example, don't ask "Can you deal with difficult people?" instead ask "Can you give me an example of a difficult person you had to work with and how did you resolve the situation?"

So in this way, you should ask questions such as

"When it last rained all day at a wedding, what did you do?"

"Have you ever had equipment go wrong at a wedding and how did you cope with it?"

"Have you ever had a bride who lost it on the day and what did you do to get her back in the right frame of mind?.

"What was the last complaint you had from a bride and how do you deal with it?"

Anyone who says they've never had a complaint is either lying, has not shot enough weddings, or been extremely lucky. Everyone whose job involves working with people knows there is always someone who will find something to complain about! :-)

If you have any comments or suggestions for good questions for photographers or how to choose the best one for you, then please let us know.

I'll follow up this article with another post very soon on things we seen or heard going wrong at weddings so you can watch out for them.