“Family - where life begins and love never ends.”

The F-word is founded on unconditional love, joined in strength and bonded by the trust. From parents to grandparents, aunts to uncles and nieces to nephews; family is one of, if not, THE most important thing in people’s lives. As time goes by, you and your beloved family members live and weave memories together, celebrate functions, experience significant changes in your lives and share so much. Years later, you will want to relive the memories you’ve shared with your loved ones. And more importantly, you will certainly want to look back on the most important period of children’s lives.

Still confused about what to do to ensure your stories are recorded?

A beautiful family portrait is the best solution! Let’s find out why!

Good memories to cherish

We all want to create good moments with our families and be able to cherish them forever. Once you have grown up, you tend to say goodbye to your lovely home and move away to different places for different reasons - education, profession, marriage, and so on. If you are emotional or homesick, a good family portrait can be a great source of solace. It will remind you of the celebrations, smiles, jokes, banter, laughter and all the good times you had with your family members. Many years down the road, when our memories have faded, wouldn’t it be sad if there was nothing to share with the grandchildren and great-grandchildren? Having pictures can avoid that “I wish” situation. Remember it is the only way for your future generations to understand what it was like to live in your day and how life changes with age.

Connect us to our past

For human beings, photography has long served as a bridge between the present and past. Time once lost is forever lost. There is no second chance to catch the moments you are enjoying right now. Only photographs and videos can transcend the narrow clutches of this thing we call life. And when you photograph your family life, it will then be seen and enjoyed by your future generations to come. Your life doesn’t remain the same at all times, on the contrary, it is an ever-evolving process that at times goes way beyond our comprehension. Right from the time of your child’s birth, smile, first crawling, cruising to walking and teeth falling, you will be able to save lots of precious memories that took place in your life for a reason.

Just imagine the time you got married, you were only two. And a couple of years later, there was a new addition to the family. Again a few years later, you were blessed with a baby. It would be quiet amazing to see how two kids have changed your life, from the portraits you have saved.

Best home decor and gift

A beautifully taken, professional painted family portrait is perhaps the best decor a living room can have. Family portraits are often a testimony to a life well-lived and exude a great deal of happiness, which in turn adorn your surroundings. Family portraits displayed on the wall can make your space feel more comfy and cosy. There’s a reason why well-crafted family portraits can inject new vigour of life into the most austere walls your home. If you want to surprise your special ones on important occasions, what better way to do it than with a good family portrait. For sure, this is the ideal opportunity to appreciate and strengthen the love, togetherness and trust between the whole family members.

Take your stress away

Sometimes the hectic schedule of your life can make you feel all stressed out. These kinds of situations cry out for a break. Relax and take a look at the wonderful family photographs you have. When you look at those images, you will get transported to those good old times in your life. You will remember the excitement you felt and milestones you reached along the way. For sure, your mind is going to be refreshed. A wave will never hit the shore in the same way, we have precious moments in life which you can’t go back in time and revisit. When we observe their whole range of expressions from happiness to joy, anger to surprise, confusion to the excitement, we realise the importance of capturing and framing them in time.

A well-crafted family portrait photo stands the test of time. So don’t let the time pass and look back in regrets over not having one for your family. It's time for telling the story of your family through the lens of professional photographers - your family is worth it, right?