Frequently Asked Questions

The most common questions we are asked about our wedding photography are answered here. If you have any other questions or would like to chat about your day please do contact us on 01276 683712.

Do you provide an hourly based rate or 4-6 hours coverage?

We normally provide our fully-inclusive all day service to cover your preparations through to after your first dance and longer if you have a special event in the evening such as fireworks. This means you do not have to pay for additional hours to make sure key moments of your day are not missed. If you do have a requirement for a short time period, for example at a smaller wedding then do please contact us to discuss your needs and we can give you a customised quotation.

Do you take photographs in colour and black & white?

We take all your photographs in colour and then convert a selection into black & white using Photoshop. This is especially effective for images of groomsmen in their suits and creating timeless images of the bride & groom. While we do apply the occasional special effect to an image, we prefer to allow our natural style to show through rather than relying our Photoshop editing to make images memorable. Rest assured we can retouch any visible pimples so these are nothing to worry about on your day.

Why are you so inexpensive compared to other photographers?

To be honest, our prices and packages used to be much higher, in some cases £3000+ including albums, and we were happy with a smaller number of weddings per year at those higher rates. However times change, the market has changed, and the demand for larger album packages has reduced. We have also become much more efficient in editing and post-production, so we now have the capacity to photograph a higher number of weddings at a lower price point.

Some photographers still try to charge a lot more than we do, while providing only a single photographer. They may claim to be "arty", "reportage" and "have a deep passion" for their photography but at the end of the day, they are taking pictures at a wedding... except that they are missing most of the natural images of your family and friends as they spend hours with just the bride and groom. They can't be in two places at once which is key for both sides getting ready, and capturing different angles of the day. Your wedding day goes so quickly and it's always amazing what great images a second pair of eyes with a camera will spot.

Some photographers charge less than we do. They may not have the experience, backup equipment or insurance, but as long as nothing goes wrong that's fine... Really? No, it'll be fine, probably... it's your choice :-)

At whatever budget are working with, you need to be comfortable with your photographer and to love the style of images they will produce for you. If you are happy with those, then that's the one to go with. If at the same time you can save hundreds of pounds and still get the top quality images you deserve, then that's a bonus!

We love your work – what do we do next?

Excellent! It’s best to call us and check our current availability for your wedding date as popular dates can get booked a year or more in advance. You can book us for your wedding immediately as we can take credit or debit card payments for the £250 retainer over the phone.

Do you Photograph Same-Sex Weddings?

Yes, we do! There is a link here to a page we put together all about photographing same-sex weddings and civil partnerships.

How soon after the wedding do we get our photographs?

As part of our all inclusive service while you eat your wedding breakfast we select 40-50 of your best photographs and produce a fantastic slide show for you using colour and black & white. We display this as a rolling slide show for you and your guests on our large screen TV during the evening reception. This is extremely popular as you can see images of each other getting ready before the ceremony, the ceremony itself and the reception afterwards. Evening guests can see what they have missed during the day! The feedback from this is extremely positive as nobody can believe how fantastic your photographs are, and that you have them so quickly on the day itself.

After your first dance and before we leave you to enjoy the rest of your evening, we present you with twelve photographs in your “going away” album. This a lightweight album which is ideal for carrying in your purse, on the plane and away with you on your honeymoon. Should you get talking to someone while you are away you can show them your dress, the wedding party, the cake, etc. All of our brides come back from honeymoon raving about having this album and the wonderful photographs with them!

While you are away on honeymoon we will work to process your images to remove duplicates, eyes closed or unflattering shots. On your return we invite you around to the studio to view your images on our big screen and present you with your Digital Files Disc / USB Stick and viewing DVD for you to treasure as lasting mementos of your day. These contain around 400-500+ great images and are for you to show off your images to family & friends but also to select the final images you would like to have in your wedding album, if you would like one.

In summary, you will see some of your photographs on the day itself, the remainder of your images are normally ready for you to have within two weeks.

I don’t like having my photo taken – what can you do to help?

A number of people say this and it’s one of the main reasons we do a pre-wedding shoot with all of our clients, usually at your venue. This is partly to build up the relationship between us but also for you to see how good we can make you look in the photographs. We stand back with a long lens and capture images of the two of you interacting normally as a couple, chatting and laughing naturally together. When you see the images afterwards they will build up your confidence that we can make you look good. This means you will be more relaxed on the wedding day and not worried about how you will look in your wedding images.

Having two photographers on your wedding day also helps as one of us working in the background will capture photographs of you not looking directly at the camera, perhaps even relaxing and smiling naturally. It is images like these which the vast majority of people prefer.

What is your style of photography? Will you spend hours arranging family groups?

Our style is very informal and relaxed, capturing events as they occur without asking you to continually pose for the camera. Our natural images taken when people are unaware of the camera are often preferred to more traditional formal portraits. Before the wedding we will give you a template list to complete with a small number of group photos, e.g. the wedding party, parents on both sides, your brothers & sisters, boys from the stag party, girls from the hen night, and a final group shot of everyone. Working with the best man and ushers we can normally complete these groups within 30 minutes, allowing you more time to spend with your guests.

Do you take the bride & groom away for hours to photograph them ?

No, we do hear of photographers who do this but it is not our approach. We will take 10-15 minutes with you at an opportune moment to create some romantic images of you together, sometimes as everyone else makes their way into the wedding breakfast to find their seats. This does allow you to catch your breath and spend a few minutes together to take stock of the day. During the summer months we might suggest a brief walk around the grounds after your meal to take advantage of the gorgeous early evening light which is much kinder than the harsh mid-afternoon sunshine, but this is totally up to you.

What kind of equipment do you use and do you carry spares?

We use top of the range professional quality cameras and very fast lenses which let in a lot of light so we do not have to use flash during ceremonies and in locations where it would be intrusive. Having experienced a situation where a pro camera failed during a wedding we always carry spares of everything, usually at least 3 cameras just to make sure we have everything covered – just in case! Your day is too important to leave anything to chance!

Where are you based? Will to travel to our venue?

We are based out of our purpose built studio near Camberley in Surrey. This is a useful location close to the M3 and the M25. We are only 2 miles from Hampshire and 3 miles from Berkshire so we are surrounded by a wealth of wonderful wedding venues. For locations further away we would take a view on the location and event and consider a small mileage charge in some circumstances.

Are you insured? What if something goes wrong?

Yes, we have full public liability insurance which is required to work at certain locations, e.g. National Trust venues. We also have professional indemnity cover and our equipment is insured against loss or damage. In the past we have taken over from bridesmaids fastening up wedding dresses and driven a bride and her father to the ceremony when the wedding car broke down. Our view is that we are employed to take fantastic photographs, but we also are there to help you if required.

Have you photographed a wedding at our venue before?

We have photographed weddings at a large number of venues mainly in Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey and also further afield such as Somerset, Essex, and even Derbyshire, Lancashire, North Yorkshire and County Durham. See our venues page for samples of our work at some of these locations. Some locations have not been added to the web site yet due to time constraints. Even if we have not worked at a venue before this does not prevent us capturing great images of your day – part of our skill and experience is reading the light conditions and quickly establishing the best locations for photography. If we are able to do a pre-wedding shoot with you at your venue then that’s great, but we will often have different light and weather conditions on the wedding day and that’s where the true skill of the photographer comes into play.

What if it rains?

We have photographed December weddings with clear blue skies and weddings in July with heavy rain storms so we are very experienced in working in all types of weather conditions. If there are showers we can come indoors until they pass. We carry a set of large white golfing umbrellas in the car which are useful in case of heavier rain and if we are unable to go outside then we do bring along a couple of studio lights to use indoors so we can still capture any required group photos in a suitable location inside the venue. Click here to see our wedding photographs from a very wet day.

Can we get our images on a disc?

Yes, in all of our packages we include a Digital Files disc or USB stick with copyright release for you to make your own prints, cards, canvases, post on Facebook, etc.

What happens if you are ill on the day / if you die?

We are part of a network of photographers who can step in at short notice to provide cover when required. Since we photographed our first wedding in 2005, this has never been needed, but it's there just in case... :-)