Wet Wedding Photography

One common question we are asked by couples is “What happens if it rains?” Our advice is to make sure your photographers are experienced in all weathers with the right equipment to be prepared just in case, but not to spend time worrying about it as the weather on your wedding day is not something you have any control over. If the weather is looking bad on the day, we will bring a set of lights with us so we can capture any required group photographs indoors with everyone looking warm and comfortable rather than forcing people to go and stand outside. If you as the bride and groom are happy and smiling then your family & friends will naturally smile back at you and everyone will have a fantastic time even if the weather outside is poor.

Our first wedding of 2014, on Valentines Day at Highfield Park, was one of the wettest and stormiest days we have ever had at a wedding. There were severe weather warnings, trees blown down and power cuts. As you can see from the images below, Holly & Matt had a fantastic wedding day despite all this and we had a great time capturing all the special moments of their wedding day for them.

Plenty of space for your bridal preparations, here in the Bridal Suite.

One of the advantages of a wedding venue such as Highfield Park is the character of the rooms and the wonderful staircase which make superb backgrounds for indoor photographs. Modern hotels with pure magnolia walls do not bring the same feel to the images. You will look fantastic in the group photos as we use our experience at balancing natural window light, tungsten room lighting and the studio flash equipment we bring with us to produce perfectly lit images of your family and friends as you can see in the images below.

The reactions of your family during the speeches are priceless moments which we love to capture and share during the evening slideshow so everyone can see how well things have gone, even on a really wet day. The weather was so bad for Holly & Matt that we had to take indoor photographs of their fireworks (you can see how strong the wind is blowing!) – but the image of Holly looking out through the window lit purely by the light of the fireworks is one of my favourites photographs of the day.

The first dance often takes place in a dark almost sombre environment which look great in black & white images. Holly & Matt went for a completely different look and feel with an illuminated dance floor providing lots of light to bring out the colour of the decorations and joy of the occasion. Congratulations again to the happy couple. You had a wonderful day, and so many of the images show your family & friends smilingall day it’s obvious that everyone totally loved the occasion. Who needs good weather for a great wedding?

We are very experienced in coping with all sorts of weather conditions and unplanned events at weddings. To chat about how we can help you have fantastic wedding photographs no matter what happens, call us now on 01276 683712 or contact us.